What People Are Saying

Check out what people are saying about Tungsten Toffee! Our family-owned business has truly flourished over the years and we’ve really made an impression. Our secret recipe isn’t something we could keep to ourselves! Made with all the best ingredients, including Sweet Cream Butter, Pure Cane Sugar, and California Almonds- this isn’t something you can miss. If you aren’t convinced, see what our customers, the Daily Camera, the Nederland Chamber of Commerce, Candy Industry, and the Rocky Mountain News have to say about our gourmet toffee. If you have to see it to believe it, you can order your favorite flavor right here or find a location closest to you!


We were visiting our daughter in Boulder a few weeks ago.  It was a sunny day so we took a drive to Nederland and found your "Tungsten Toffee" at a shop called the Rustic Moose.  Before we got back to Boulder, we had eaten the whole box and smiled with every bite!  Thank you, it was delicious!!
-Steve and Donna Raub

I just wanted to tell you that I love your Toffee.  It's fantastic.  I've tried many kinds, but I think yours is the best.  I'll definitely be ordering more in the future!
-Thank You, Donal Tessik

Thank you!  It is just wonderful!!!!!  I'll think of you again at Christmas
-Lynn Mowder

We have really been enjoying your wonderful Tungsten Toffee!  Toffee has been our favorite candy for many years and we have tried a lot of different ones. Yours is absolutely the best we have ever had!
-Nancy and Bob Pair

Your toffee candy is the BEST and it didn't take long for my family and me to eat it all up!
-Kathy Peck

Thank you so much, the toffee is FABULOUS...much better than........oh, your competitor.  Keep up the hard work and good luck!

Thank you so much for sharing your delicious toffee with me.  Everyone was delighted to sample more than one.  It is so DELICIOUS, I enjoyed it before breakfast this morning again!  Thanks you for following your passion and talent, we are all so grateful!
-Liz Canavan


Daily Camera
Boulder’s Daily Camera
shares the story of
Tungsten Toffee and how
it has become a town favorite.

Rocky Mountain News
Nick, Norah, and Emily’s
Tungsten Toffee has been
featured as the ‘Treat of the Week’
in the Rocky Mountain News.

Candy Industry
Tungsten Toffee is featured
as the Editor’s Choice in
Candy Industry

Chamber of Commerce
Wine and Tungsten Toffee
Tasting took place May 7th
at Peak Wine and Spirit